The Split Hotel is situated in the old royal town Kadaň lying on the boundary between the Krušné Mountains and the Doupov Hills. The life-giving river Ohře gave the reason of the settlement in the area of Kadaň. The Celts was the most important tribe that used to live in the countryside along the Ohře river - a settlement that they founded was called - "Shining Fire" (according to a legend the settlements gave their significance by means of the fire shining). The Split Hotel is situated in a calm and pleasant natural area nearby the Ohře river.

The Hotel was built in a place of a former restaurant called Split and later it was extended to nowadays style. The architect of the hotel was a well known Czech designer ing. Vít Branda whose significant buildings are situated in Kadaň - e.g.a unique suspended bridge for cyclists is situated nearby which is a part of cycle route in Kadaň.

The Hotel offers 23 attractive rooms in a modern style with an original design and 6 luxurious and magnanimous apartements. The rooms and the apartements situated in a new part of the hotel have balconies or terraces with a view of the Ohře river.  

Guests can also use Wellness centre such as a sauna and Finish sauna, relaxing swimming pool, massages, pedicure, manicure.
Split Hotel also offers a hotel restaurant with a nice sitting (terrace in summer) and extraordinary view of the Ohře river. The restaurant is suitable for wedding celebrations, company activities, banquets, garden parties. There is also a possibility to use a saloon for private dealings (16 places).

An excellent chief abd helpers will look after an unforgettable gourmet experince and there is obviously a wast wine list a great choise of good Moravian wine quality.

The Hotel´s area offers unusual walks along the Ohře river and enables sport activities - cyklo route, in-line route.


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