Hotel split, Krušné Mountains and Doupavské Mountins

The Kadan region is rich full of natural and cultural sights and numerous possibilities from romantic walks to life changing adreanaline experiences. Hotel Split is situated in Kadan, laying on the left side of the river Ohře, between the Doupavské and Krušné Mountains. There are plenty of sport activities near the hotel and plenty of places for hikes. If you like water sports, the Nechranická Dam is easily reachable as are winter destinations at Krušné Hory - Ski centres at Klínovec and Boží Dar.

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Tourism in Kadan and its surroundings

You can go to the Lookout tower, which is situated on the Holy Hill, abot 0.8 km from the town centre and from which you can see the breathtaking view of the town and Krušné Hory. Should you wish to walk or cycle - there are cycle routes, some of which are in the near distance of the hotel and connects two neibouring towns - Kadaň and Klášterec nad Ohří. But for walks you can also use parks, the Roosevelt park offers in-line skating routes, which are frequently used and well kept. 

Keen tourists are surely to be satisfied with the historical centre of Kadaň. The Medieval square is largely renewed and offers a visit to the Town Hall including the topmost tower. An interesting fact, is the House with the number 7, which was built on 2 Medieval parcels and in which we can find Gotic walls. The house was hugely reconstructed in the Rennesaince style in the 17th Century and later in the 18th Century got his current facade in the Baroque style. 

You can also visit the fortifications which have been built in the 12th Century in the Gotic style, and they fortified the town with three boundaries. There is a hypothesis that another boundary protected the subburb. Along the fortifications, you can get to the Katova ulička the Executioner´s street (3D view here), which is the narrowest street in the Czech republic. At its narrowest it is only 66.1 cm wide and is 51cm long. 

Should you walk through Katova ulička to the other side, you can visit the Bystřický bridge - a stone bridge which is above the Bysřice river, which was an important business route going through Kadan, Žatec and Prague. 

Kadaň offers a lot of historical places. You can learn more about them from the workers in the Info - centre and the Karel Havlíček gallery more info here. For more detailed information you may use the town´s web pages - historical sights, natural sights, famous person of Kadaňwalking.

You can visit the neighbouring town of Klášterec nad Ohří from Kadaň, which is easily accessible on foot, by bike or car. Don´t forget the Klášterec nad Ohří castle with the garden. The castle is located on the left bank of the river Ohře in a ten hectar English park which is from the 20s and 70s of the 19th Century, there are 220 types of trees from the whole world. There is also the terrenawith gloriet with statues.  more information here.

With tourism around Klášterece nad Ohří the will help you.Before the trip itself you can get inspred with the accessible 3D views and you can choose other tourist destinations on the interactive map of tourism destinations surrounding Klášterce nad Ohří

You can even go to Chomutov with children. The Podkrušnohorský zoopak Chomutov.There are 160 different species of animals including 14 endangered species which are in the European programme. Plan your visit to the newly built area of Zadní vinohrady, where you can find a relaxation centre inlcuding an indoor swimming pool.

For more about Chomutov, sights, a tourist destinations please visit, where you will find maps with tourist destinations.


During the winter months, lovers of winter sports will enjoy. Easily accessible by car, or you may use the Ski bus, you can visit the close skiing centres - KlínovecBoždí Dar - Neklid, Jáchymov. They are about 30km from Kadaň. For better orientation pleas reed this map.

The Klínovec ski centre is one of the largest ski centres in the Czeh Republic and is the largest ski centre of the Krušné Mountains. Even in worse skiing conditions it ofers a snow guarantee with the help of artificial snow with an 80% lane coverage out of the 10.1 km skiing lanes. There also is a 35km route for cross-country skiis, an U-ramp in the Superpipe category and a snowpark..

For Ski bus transport information please contact the workers at the Info-centre and Karel Havlíček Gallery more information here

Water pleasures

The Kadan region offers many ways of water fun. Lets talk about the closests destinations - Kadan´s swimming pool 3D view here, the Natural swimming pool in Prunerov map here, Aquapark Klášterec nad Ohří, Aqua centrum Marienberg (DE), Kamencové jezero Chomutov a Nechranicko (Nechranická přehrada). 

The Kadan swimming pool offers outdoor pools about 50x18 m and 25x14 m with depth from 1.1 m to 3.5m and a small slide. By bike or car is the natural swimming pool of Prunerov. In the neighbouring Klášterec nad Ohří the local aquapark offers plenty of rides. For lovers of varied water slides is best to drive to the Sachsen town of Marienberg to visit the local water centre - Aqua Marien, which is about 50km from Kadaň and offers a diverse use throughout the whole day for families with children or without. 

We cannot forget the recreational area of the Kamencové lake in Chomutov. For its visitors it offers plenty of attractions and with its natural character is considered unique - even in the world. It offers Wakeboarding, boats, childrens activities, minigolf, water-bird amongst others.. 

The nearby microregion Nechranicko thanks to its area offers large water sport possibilities. The Nechranice Dam is the largest of its kind in Europe, being 3 280m long, with the water area alone being 1 300 hectars. The Dam is suitable for all kinds of sports, swimming, windsurfign and even fishing. 

Castles and châteaux

There are plenty of options for trips in the Kadan area during the day, and spend nice evenings in our hotel. For castle and châteaux fans, the Kadan area is heaven. The closests and most accessible castles and châteaux are: the Kadaň Castle, the Klášterec and Ohří Castle, the Krásný Dvůr Castle, the Vintířov Castle with a chaple, Hauenstejn Castle and others. The Kadan Castle has a four wing layout, with towers on its corners. Today only one tower which reaches to a second storey and foundations of others have been preserved. Closely between the Prunéřov natural swimming pool and Kadaň lies Haeunstejn Castle, founded at the beginning of the 14th Century, and the well known German poet J. W. Goethe has visited it.

Klášterec nad Ohří Caslte is dendrologicaly important gardens. You can find a porcelain museum inside the castle. Vintířov Castle nowadays is almost destroyed, its founding dates as early as the 15th Century. The Chapel, which is above the garden is interesting, has been renovated recently. The destination for your tourist walks can also be the Castle in Mašťov, which dates back to 1281, in the year 1571 has been rebuilt how we know it now by the House of Lobkowicz. The castle alone is a four wing building, with renessaince windows and a baroque tower. Krásný Dvůr Castle is a destination for filming locations.

Golf a minigolf

Oddáváte-li se sportu na zelené greenu, pak můžete zvolit Golfová hřiště v Mostě nebo Karlových Varech. Pokud máte raději "menší" obdobu golfu a to sice minigolf, Kadaň Vám nabídne menší minigolfové hřiště. Za dalšími minigolfovými hřišti můžete vyrazit do Chomutova na Kamencové jezero do místní restaurace Golf Club nebo do Klášterce nad Ohří do místního Aquaparku Klášterec nad Ohří. 

In-line bruslení

Hotel Split Vám nabízí z pohledu in-line bruslení ideální příležitost - bydlení v sousedství cyklo a in-line stezky. Hotel leží na počátku in-line stezky, která dále vede podél řeky Ohře, kadaňského Hradu a do budoucna se propojí přes Špitálské předměstí a in-line stezkami v lesoparku (Roosveltovy sady), kde na Vás již dnes několik upravených in-line dráh čeká.  

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