Wellness center lets its guests rest and relax in beautiful surroundings, you can use steam and Finnish sauna, relaxation pool and massages ...

It is open from 5p.m. to 8p.m.

Provoz wellness centra byl zahájen od 21. listopadu 2011.

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Steam bath
Steam bath is similar to sauna. Nevertheless the climate is different- more humid and not so hot. Your body does not get warm as quickly as during taking a sauna and humidity of the air reaches nearly 100%. It helps to unblock the airways, to recover contused muscles, ease the overall tiredness, affects the blood circulation in the body and its detoxication, it affects joints salutarily and can ease rheumatic problems.

Finnish sauna

Sauna belongs to one of the oldest regenerative and relaxation methods. Combination of a small room and hot air with minimal humidity and temperature 90°C warms the whole body in depth, flushes out the harmful toxins through the skin. The experiences from sauna should be only pleasant. During this procedure, the most important element is repeating of the hot air in contrast with ice cold bath or shower. In order to increase the heat effect “in the sweating-room”, you can do massage yourself with different massage flannels and brushes. It is possible to achieve the desired effects of the sauna by repeating the adequate number of cycles in the sweating-room and cold bath / shower.

Pleasant warming up of feet in warm water changes with cooling in the ice cold water. Your soles are gently massaged by pebble stones during the whole procedure. A heat wave starts spreading through your body after several repetitions. Kneipp is part of procedures of German parson Sebastian Kneipp. He was interested in natural medicine and hydrotherapy in 19th century. Kneipp became an inseparable part of spa resorts. Thanks to changing hot and cold water, the Kneipp bath has salutary effect on blood circulation in feet and legs and metabolism. It helps not only with blood circulation disorder but also with headaches and cold.

Massage pool
The massage pool is here for everyday relaxation, rest and rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy stimulates the blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, relaxes muscles and stimulates immune system. SPA also helps to rehabilitate after injuries and has preventative effect on the whole organism. The different temperatures of air and water harden the whole organism and are prevention against various illnesses.


Procedure name price for 1 hour
each add hour
entrance to the wellness center 130,- Kč 60,- Kč
entrance to the wellness center child (from 5 years- 15 years) 60,- Kč 30,- Kč

Children under 5 years free.

When renting a towel deposit charged 100,- CZK, when its return is the return of the advance 70,- CZK.

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